500-foot Las Vegas Ferris Wheel

Las Vegas is what I like to think a huge playground for adults. With casinos, shows, and nightlife it’s the perfect place for adults. The county, has given the Okay to build a 500-foot Ferris wheel that will sit across Mandalay Bay and be part of an amusement park.

Details of the project were released on Monday 5/23. Compass Investments developer Howard Bulloch released deatails of the new amusement park set to open across from Mandalay Bay on Las Vegas Boulevard. The details were given to reporter, lawmakers, and business leaders. The wheel will be name Skyvue Las Vegas Super Wheel and is tentatively opening in 2013 as part of a $100 million privately funded project that will also include a roller coaster along with 200,000 square feet of shopping, dining, and entertainment. The wheel will rotate perpendicular to the strip thus creating an unobsructed view of the city’s casino row. Bulloch justifies the expensive project claiming it will help Las Vegas economy recovery by adding to both the hospitality and entertainment industries, it will create jobs and offers unique entertainment.