British Airways First Class Cabin

British Airways First Class Cabin

Travelling doesn’t have to be cramped and awful, especially if you have a first class ticket on select British Airways flights.

As the luxury travel takes on to woo the elite travelers, British Airways has also introduced their new first class cabin being installed on a B777, which flies from London Heathrow to Chicago O’Hare. The new cabin features a personal wardrobe, a 60 percent wider bed at the shoulders, leather-bound writing table, a 15-inch in-flight entertainment screen, USB port, RCA jack, noise-canceling headsets and personal electronic blinds along with mood lighting. To reach these in-flight luxuries for effortless travel, the design of the cabin is inspired by premium brands like Aston Martin and Jaguar. So, do you still believe that traveling is a dreary experience?

via: Born Rich

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    No matter if you fly in 1st class or economic class, if the plane goes down:)) well, it won’t be dreary experience, but it will turn out to be a “on the other side” experience. n____________________________________________ncarnival cruise ships

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    I am a big travel freak and my fav destination is Italy. I first visited in 1996 and have been back every two years since. I never fly on 1st class but who know…maybe next time