Travel to Burma

Travel to Burma

Visiting Burma will reward you with golden Buddhas, floating markets, and the intriguing mystery of the people who call Burma their home. Many exciting activities await you, whether you plan to hike, boat, explore the underwater treasures or just see the sights and view the wildlife. Everything you need to make a memorable luxury holiday.

The ancient land of Burma, now called Myanmar, is full of history and secrets waiting to be explored. The Schwedagon Pagoda is over 2,500 years old, the oldest on earth. Relics from the previous four Buddhas are housed here. The fantastic architecture inside and out are a delight to the eyes.

In Mingun, you can see the Mingun Paya. This unfinished Buddhist temple was destroyed by an earthquake in 1838. It’s completion would have rendered it the largest in the world. The Mingun Bell, also housed here, weighs in at 90 tons and remains un-cracked and still working, which keeps it holding the record for the most gigantic bell in the world.

Burma tours are fantastic for making sure you get in all the attractions you want to see without getting lost or missing out on something awesome. If you are up for some real exercise, visit Mount Popa. Towering 737 metres above the land, this spiritual temple can only be reached by climbing the 777 stairs that lead to it’s summit. Imagine the work that went into building this sacred temple, since every piece used for it had to be carried up the mountain by hand.

One of the holiest places in Asia, Golden Rock, should definitely be on your list of sights. This spectacular glittering rock covered in gold leaf is said to hold one of the hairs of the Buddha. The largest reclining Buddha you will ever see is also located here.

A visit to an elephant camp is quite a treat for those of all ages. See the elephant riders bathe the large animals in the creek before they head off for a day of work hauling logs out of the forest. Take a ride on one of these awesome animals yourself and experience the jungle in a whole new way.

If all this hiking and trekking has tired you out, head to one of Burma’s excellent beaches for a relaxing day. Over 1,200 miles of beaches await you along the beautiful Indian Ocean. Many areas are undeveloped and perfect for a secluded getaway. Sunbathe on the silvery beaches or relax under the palm trees. Enjoy a spectacular sunset in the evening. Snorkelling is also popular, as there are plenty of coral reefs and banks to explore. Burma banks is a great spot to see several types of sharks and larger fish.

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