Europe’s Most Expensive Hotel Stay

Europe’s Most Expensive Hotel Stay

When I got married Italy was my place of choice for the honeymoon, my husband’s was Hawaii. We ended up going to Hawaii, which was beautiful, but one day soon I hope to make it to Italy and when I do I would love to atay at the Four Seasons Hotel Firenze.

The hotel is a renovated palazzon in the historical center of Florence. The hotel is made up of of two buildings. The first one is the Palazzo della Gherardesca built in the 15th Century the second one is Conventino, by the name you can guess that is was once a convent, built in the 16th century. The two palaces are divide by a botanical garden that is 50,000 square yards, located on the right side of the Arno River. By staying at the Four Seasons in Florence you not only get a beautiful hotel, but you also get a sort of Museum. The artworks from the 15th to 19th centuries are shown throughout the hotel.

The guest rooms are beautiful with elegant Pedesoli linens, and views of the gardens. The most expensive of these rooms, is the most expensive room in Europe, it is the Royal Suite. The cost per night of this room is 18,500 Euros which is about $22,757. It has vaulted ceilings, endless rooms and gilding, a ceramic floor by Ignazio Chiaiese. It is also located right next to the grand Presidential Suite, conveniently they also connect.

I will make it to Italy that is certain, but what I am not certain of is whether or not I will stay in this hotel. A girl can dream though.

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