The Highlights of Nile Cruising

The Highlights of Nile Cruising

There are over 240 riverboats that carry wide-eyed tourists along Egypt’s Nile River. However, when you take a Nile cruise with Bales Worldwide, you will be travelling on one of four dahabiyyas, a boat that combines tradition with comfort and luxury. When most people think of cruises, they envision behemoth ships and Caribbean ports of call. Cruising a river is every bit as exciting as setting sail on the open sea, and it is especially alluring when that river is one of the most world-renown waterways. Anyone familiar with geography knows that the Nile is the longest river in the world, but it is what you will find along the banks of the river that will have you snapping photos.

Looking for the Source of the Nile

No, you are not looking for the fabled source of the Nile. This is not a Sir Richard Burton style expedition, so do not worry, you will not be cruising the entire length of the mighty river. Most Nile cruises operate between Luxor and Aswan; this 125-mile stretch of water is where you will find many of Egypt’s cultural attractions and archaeological highlights. However, getting off the beaten path is entirely up to you.

Sights and Sounds along the Way

In 1979, the Valley of the Kings became a World Heritage site. This is where King Tut, Egypt’s most famous pharaoh, is buried. This open-air museum is said to be the resting place of dozens of Egyptian pharaohs, but only 11 tombs have been officially discovered. It is the type of archaeological site that make ancient Greece and Rome look like child’s play.

Next up, you will find the Temple of Karnak. This intricate temple complex is a beautiful labyrinth of ruins and obelisks. The highlight, however, is the Great Temple of Amum. If you thought making sense of the Roman Forum was difficult, you are going to want to study your Egyptian guidebook before you begin to wander around this ancient site.

The legacy of Ramses the Great and Queen Nefertari can be seen in the temples of Abu Simbel. Located beside Lake Nasser, these twin temples were carved out of the mountainside in the 13th century. If sailing the Nile is not your thing, Bales Worldwide also offers a Lake Nesser cruise.

Of course, there is more to enjoying a Nile cruise than being a studious and aspiring archaeologist, and there is more to Egypt than temples and ruins. From sand dunes to fertile tributaries, the banks of the river are ever changing. After a day of temple hopping, take the time to sit back, relax and watch the river flow.

Cruise the Nile in style with Bales Worldwide

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