Private Jet Timeshare

Private Jet Timeshare

Private jets are no longer limited to the realm of the super rich.  The market is changing to allow those with a much more modest income the ability to afford a private jet.

Korean company Funsky has introduced a new fractional aircraft ownership program.  A customer pays $183,107 for one-sixteenth share of an aircraft. With the lifetime membership, they can use the aircraft for up to 50 hours per year with flexibility in their flight schedules. Flight time increases in proportion to the number of shares purchased.

The owners have to pay $4,374 of an extra management fee of the aircraft per month, and fuel charges for each flight. But they do not need to worry about jet management and other processes, as Funsky deals with those.

The company will hold a trial flight of Cessna CJ2 at Gimpo airport on April 28-29, and start accepting reservations for ownership.

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