Sanctum Soho

Sanctum Soho

Looking for a killer place to stay while travelling to London.  The Sanctum Soho in London may be the perfect destination for your next trip.

The Sanctum Soho features circular beds with suspended liquid-metal discs ominously hovering above them.  The discs’ metalic reflective surface create a mirror over the bed effect, and brings an otherwise kinky hotel feature into the new millenium in a reinvented manner.  

With 30 rooms, the Sanctum Soho is not a particularly large hotel, but it does offer a kind of “rock and roll” experience by catering to those younger clients that prefer modern style opposed to the traditional stuffy and overly decorative hotels of the past.  According to CNN, the hotel is owned by Mark Fuller and by Iron Maiden co-managers Rod Smallwood and Andy Taylor who want to provide a safe haven for celebrities.  The hotel plans to cater to its celebrity clients by enforcing a strict, “no autographs, no photographs” rule inside the hotel.  Drinks are available anytime day or night and the hotel employs a full time guitar technician.  Guitars are available from the reception desk to any of the hotel’s guests.

You won’t want to trash this hotel room.  Rates start at £175 for the smallest rooms which are called “crash pads” and go up to £3500 for the lavish and extravagant garden suite.  This suite features two king bedrooms, two freestanding baths, two full ceiling rain shower rooms and a plant-filled terrace.

More info: Sanctum Soho

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