Treehotel – The Weirdest Hotel in the World

Treehotel – The Weirdest Hotel in the World

Sometimes sheer luxury can be beat with a large portion of uniqueness and originality. Treehotel is an innovative and completely original hotel which consists of 24 unique themed rooms scattered around the woods around Harads. Built in 2010 and designed by some of Scandinavia’s leading architects, Treehotel also features five tree rooms, a tree sauna for up to twelve people, situated among the centuries-old pines.

Upon checking in at Britta’s Pensionat, it’s a five-minute walk to Treehotel. Treehotel is located in the tall pine forest with spectacular views of the Lule River. The tree rooms are suspended 4-6 metres above the ground and are accessible by ramp, bridge, or electric stairs.

Every room is unique, with its own particular style of architecture, furniture, lighting and fabrics. The rooms are designed in such a way to show a harmony with nature and the entire resort is environmentally friendly. Here’s a short breakdown of some of the more interesting rooms that make up the resort:

Treehotel - The CabinThe Cabin

The Cabin is a post-modern rectangular box which accommodates two people. You can reach the hut from here via a horizontal bridge among the trees. At the front of the bridge is a large wooden deck.

Treehotel - The Mirror CubeThe Mirrorcube

Is one of the more interesting rooms. It consists of a mirrored cube suspended in the trees. Reflecting its surroundings the Mirrorcube in camouflaged in the surrounding forrest. To prevent birds from flying into the mirrored walls, they have been clad with infrared film. The colour is invisible to humans, but visible to the birds.

Treehotel - The Birds NestThe Bird’s Nest

The Bird’s Nest literally looks like a an oversized bird’s nest with multiple branches intertwined around its exterior. The room is 17m² and has separate bedrooms, bathroom, and living area. You enter the Bird’s Nest with the help of a retractable staircase.

Treehotel - The Blue ConeThe Blue Cone

The Blue Cone is actually not blue at all, it’s bright red. The room is a traditional wooden structure with three foundations in the ground to give a sense of height and lightness, but also stability. A picture window provides breathtaking views of the forrest from a rocky perch.

Treehotel - The UFOThe UFO

As The Bird’s Nest blends into its natural surroundings, The UFO stands out as something quite otherworldly. Resembling a traditional Roswell UFO, this room is cast in durable composite material – all to create the lightest, yet strong and sustainable design possible. The UFO is built for four people, two adults and two children, with separate bedrooms, bathroom and living area. 30m² is all you need for a comfortable escape to childhood dreams.

The Tree Sauna

The sauna accommodates up to 8 people. There’s a hot tub as well as our custom-designed relaxation area.

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