World’s Most Luxurious Airlines

World’s Most Luxurious Airlines

Think the price of your airline tickets is growing while the legroom is shrinking? Well, it isn’t for everybody. Elite travellers are accustomed to significantly better accomodations.

This week, Newsweek put together a list of the World’s Most Luxurious Airlines. First on the list: Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic. His planes were among the first to combine First and Business Classes into one ultra-high end level of service. You get your choice of a massage or manicure on these flights.

Think airplane food is drab? You won’t think so after flying Emirates First Class. With your choice of specials like stir fried lobster in black bean sauce, you’ll get to your destination full. You won’t be bored during the flight either. You get a lie-flat bed and your own 23 inch screen with over 600 channels of entertainment.

Other airlines included on the list: Singapore Airlines, British Airways, Thai Airways, Quantas, Swiss International, and Qatar Airways. See the full list at


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