Eco-Friendly Sabdes 50M Superyacht

Eco-Friendly Sabdes 50M Superyacht

Yacht maker Sabdes has unveiled their new eco-friendly Sabdes 50M Superyacht, doing their part to contribute to a greener earth.

The futuristic Sabdes 50M has increased fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, a specially styled hull that reduces both wave ‘slamming’ and the wake impact that can disrupt marine life and cause shoreline erosion, and energy-efficient LED lighting.  The easily driven hull is propelled by a hybrid diesel-electric system, and offers a much higher cruise speed than an equivalent length displacement yacht.  The propulsion system uses a shaft motor/generator designed to put surplus energy back into its battery banks.

In addition, the yacht relies on natural cooling to support the air conditioning system, and insulation and window materials were carefully selected for maximum efficiency.

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