Jesse James Auctions Bike Coffin

Jesse James Auctions Bike Coffin

Biker Builder Jesse James has auctioned off his bike coffin. The recently troubled Jesse James, exposed for having a series of affairs while married to Sandra Bullock, recently listed collectible auctions for a bike and a coffin under his eBay account. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, suddenly here’s some really weird stuff.

Monster Garage motorcycle mechanic Jesse James is selling a 1937 Elgin Skylark Bluebird and a 1941 Colson Firestone Super Cruiser. He also has a couple of Bates Chopper seat pads, an Indian Chief aluminium cans, and a West Coast Choppers bathroom sign that reads “Fuck Off.” In fact, Jesse has so much stuff that he could create his own pawn shop that could include his La France gas mask and two mini coffins. Seems like he’s really starving for cash right now. I can’t imagine how much his attorney bill is, but surely it can’t be as bad as Tony Hayward’s Attorney Bill.

  • shelley kolman

    If he has any leftover cash from the sales and legal bills, he should by some apology diamonds, say a lovely necklace and ring from David Rosenberg Diamonds & Co for his beautiful ex wife Sandra Bullock

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