Mo.Tel Caravan

Mo.Tel Caravan

Rob Millington, a 2009 Graduate of the Transport and Product design course at Coventry University has designed the ultimate travelling caravan.

Inspired by the iconic Airstream caravans of the 1950’s, the Mo.Tel Caravan is style and beauty combined in a retro art-deco styling that screams pure luxury. The windswept design suggests movement and its stylish whitewall tires, aerodynamic wheel covers and sleek minimalistic proportions marry contemporary design with traditional style.

The interior features are equally impressive. Resembling a chic upscale studio, the interior features high quality materials and contemporary furniture. A pop-up roof gains you access to the Mo.Tel’s bedroom, which is located above the main living area. You climb up there with a movable ladder at the end of the kitchen area. There is a comfortable sized bathroom and a clean kitchen with fold out breakfast bar area. In the main living area there is a sofa which also doubles as a bed with a second slide out mattress.

More info: Diseno-Art


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