Soliloquy Superyacht

Soliloquy Superyacht

Going green is no longer just a concern for tree-hugging hippies.  Showing your concern for the environment with your choice in purchaces is not only fashionable, but a necessity if you want to fit in with the cool crowd at your local country club.  Now you can show those blue-blooded bastards just how green you are with the Soliloquy Superyacht.

Designed by Alastair Callender of Coventry University, the Soliloquy Superyacht will get its power from wind, solar and Hybrid Marine Power (HMP) technology invented by Solar Sailor Holdings Ltd.  The Soliloquy Superyacht’s use of renewable energy makes it one of the greenest vehicles around while saving you a few bucks on fuel costs.  Chances are, you’ll need those extra bucks too because although no price has been announced, this vehicle is sure to cost a you a few pennies.  The yacht has zero-emission capabilities of course.  It’s 58m overhead beam not only adds to the overall aesthetics but also serves as a rigid-wing solar sail.  The ship has over 600 square meters of solar collection area throught its surface.  The Soliloquy Superyacht can run at nearly 8 knots on solar energy alone after a full day of charging.

Even the interior of this yacht is green.  The interior materials were selected for very carefully, in order to reduce the yacht’s carbon footprint.  The wood, for example, was selected from sustainably managed forests.  A scale model of the Soliloquy Superyacht will debut in Majorca on June 25.

More info: Solar Sailor

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