Women Are Aroused by Luxury Car Engines

Women Are Aroused by Luxury Car Engines

It turns out to be true!  if you want to get a girl, you need an expensive car.  

On Tuesday a British psychologist revealed a study indicating that revving of a luxury car’s engine tends to have a sexually arousing effect in women.

Psychologist David Moxon said his study, which was commissioned by auto insurer Hiscox, involved 40 adults listening to recordings of engines from a Maserati, a Lamborghini and a Ferrari along with the more pedestrian Volkswagen Polo, The Daily Telegraph reported Tuesday.

Moxon said a full 100 percent of the women involved in the study had a significant increase in testosterone levels after listening to the Maserati engine, while only half of the men marked an increase.

“We saw significant peaks, particularly in women,” Moxon said of his study. “The roar of a luxury car engine does cause a primeval physiological response.”

Source: upi.com

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