$300,000 Watch That Can’t Tell Time

$300,000 Watch That Can’t Tell Time

Arguably, watches are much more about fashion these days than function.  Watch designer Romain Jerome is betting on that idea with his new Day & Night Watch.

This $300,000 watch does not tell the time.  In fact, all it does it tells you whether it is day or night, a handy feature if you spend countless hours in a windowless room.

But the watch makes up for in looks, what it lacks in basic function.  Elegant The beautifully styled timepiece (perhaps it should be called something else) is part of the DNA of Famous Legends Collection, and features a new interpretation of time based around two tourbillons operating sequentially representing day and night.

The DNA of Famous Legends Collection also features the Titanic-DNA Watch, which has to be one of the most interesting and unique watches ever made.  Romain Jerome and Cabestan designed this watch with 5 rotating drum-like dials, each measuring a specific increment of time.  A sixth dial remains fixed at the longitude and latitude coordinates of the Titanic’s final resting place.

More info: romainjerome.ch

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