AMVOX2 DBS Transponder

AMVOX2 DBS Transponder

When you pay $37,000 for a watch you want to get your money’s worth.  The AMVOX2 DBS Transponder is not only a beautifully styled premium time piece, but it also acts as a key for your Aston Martin.

Designed by Swiss watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre, the AMVOX2 DBS Transponder locks and unlocks your $260,000 Aston Martin DBS much the same way as a remote key would.  Available as an add-on only for DBS owners, the chronograph costs $37,900.  You can be as cool as James Bond when this nifty device debuts at the Paris Motor Show on Oct. 4.  Orders are being taken now.

The watch features “a suspended metallic grey DBS symbol, a discrete Aston Martin emblem on the movement operating indicator and ruthenium grey bridges, satin finish and a black dial that all evoke the DBS’s instrument panel,” the company notes.

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