Hysek Colosso

Hysek Colosso

We’ve featured some expensive watches in the past, but the price of this one can really blow you away! The Hysek Colosso watch sells for $550,000. That’s no typo.

hysek colosso

Made with a transparent case that allows you to see the elaborate yet sublime engineering beneath, the Hysek Colosso Watch is an engineering marvel. It features a crystal pustule with an embedded globe that turns on itself in 24 hours and shows local or GMT time.

Produced in rose gold or white gold with 62 encrusted jewels, this limited edition watch is truly stunning. It also indicates cities located in 24 different time zones, and has transmission feedback biplan, for time zone indications, made by 2 dials, although I’m exactly sure what that means or why it is so expensive.

More info: hysek.com

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