Custom Luxury Dog Houses

Custom Luxury Dog Houses

Even if you’re Bill Gates, this is the kind of luxury you feel particularly crappy about indulging in during a recession. That is, if you have a heart for anything but your dog.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my dog like I would a child, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to spend up to $50,000 building a pooch palace with air conditioning, lighting, an intercom system to the main house, etc. Some crazy rich people like Rachel Hunter feel differently. She’s seen in the picture below posing with her hounds in front of their custom luxury doghouse which was built by La Petite Maison, a company dedicated to this strange craft.

This company can replicate your home or create any design you wish, which can include a copper roof, bay windows and even hardwood floors. Getting a maid to crawl into one of these may be a little tricky though.

  • Bruce

    Wow! What a luxurious dog house! It looks like a children’s playhouse. I look forward to reading additional posts in the future.

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