Imaginary Phone

Cell phones have come a long way from the “brick” that we started to see in the 1980s to the smart phone’s we see today such as Blackberry, iPhone, Droid, etc. Now not only do you have 3g, but 4g. Seems like it keeps getting better and better. I never pictured this concept though, an imaginary phone.

Patrick Baudisch along with a team of researchers from Hasso-Plattner Institute are moving closer to the possibility of an imaginary phone. Picture yourself using your cell phone without taking it out of your pocket. The whole thing is pretty crazy to me, it’s something I would never have though plausible. Using the palm of your hand as a cell phone. The way it works is with a new interface that transfers an iPhone touchscreen to the palm of your hand, it uses and Xbox-like depth camera, mounted on a tripod, that registers the movements of a person across their palm. A unique software would then determine the gestures and would create them on the user’s iPhone, then transmits the command to the physical phone by way of a WiFi radio. With his reasearch Baudisch determined that this could work because many iPhone users are already aware of where the keys lie on their phone. With muscle memory users will know where the buttons will fall on their palm.