Luxury Cinema: Village Roadshow Gold Class Cinemas

Luxury Cinema: Village Roadshow Gold Class Cinemas

Now you don’t have to put up with sticky floors, crappy food, obnoxiously loud thatergoers, large crowds, and broken seats to catch the latest flick.  Luxury cinemas are coming, and they seem to be well worth the price of admission…

Australian Cinema Group Village Roadshow is planning to open 50 Luxury cinema locations accross the United States in the next five years.  The first of these upscale cinemas is slated to open in fourth quarter in South Barrington, Illinois followed by another one in Redmond, Washington.

Targeting an upscale and affluent consumer, these Gold Class Cinemas will offer a maximum of 40 unique luxury reclining arm chair seats and the latest state-of-the-art technology with digital projection, including 3-D, as well as super-wide screens and digital sound, delivering a stunning movie-going experience.  Guests of the theatre will enjoy fine wines and gourmet cuisine from the seasonal menu prepared by chefs in the Gold Class kitchen while watching their movie.  A personal waiter is just a push of a button away for guests that require a little extra attention.

A contemporary bar area will also be incorporated into the theatres, where guests can relax and enjoy a cocktail or light desert prior to or after their show.  Additional services available at this luxe cinema: A VIP concierge, valet service, and an online booking feature where guests can select their own seats.

All this luxury comes at a cost.  The average estimated ticket price at Gold Class Cinemas will be around $35.

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  • Kersti

    I’ve been using GOld Class cinemas in Australia for years – they really are fabulous and worth the money

  • ctd

    I would definitely use this. Anything to get away from queue lines, obnoxious teenagers, and pre-movie commercials.

  • Shalise

    A great concept, yes, but why locate this venue so close to an existing luxury cinema that has established a loyal clientele over the past several years (The Big Picture in Redmond, WA)? Healthy competition is one thing, but the aggressiveness of choosing this location is unbecoming. I’d be more likely to try Gold Class Cinema if they hadn’t been so flagrantly dismissive of an established business.

  • Chris Erion

    In reply to Sharise,
    I can tell that you don’t know your geography very well. The Big Picture theater in Redmond, Washington is very far from The Gold Class Cinemas since that’s east of there in South Barrington, Illinois. Illinois isn’t even close to Washington.

  • Anonymous

    In reply to Chris,
    I can tell that you don’t know your cinemas very well. Gold Class Cinemas is a chain with numerous locations, one of which happens to be in Redmond, Washington one block from The Big Picture.

  • JayRay

    In reply to Chris Erion,
    I can tell that you don’t use your reading skills very well. It’s clearly stated that he was referring to “The Big Picture” – ALSO in Redmond, WA.

  • Notorious

    But they have a location in Washington as well…Gotta do your research Chris!

  • Susan may

    The South Barringtons Village Roadshow’s New Years Eve was pretty much a disaster for my friend and I. Food was pretty good but very late. The general manager didn’t seem to think waiting 2 hours for an entree was excessive. I heard other patrons stating they didn’t get their meals at all. They should have waitied to do a large crowd for dinner until they had their act together. I complained to my credit card company who is following up.

  • salad

    Is it really a high-end place? What kind of food does is serve? I’m curious… Does it have a bar or dining area that I can go in and have a drink without watching the movies?

  • elle

    First off, Gold class cinimas AND the big picture are both located in the Redmond town center mall. They have similar concepts but gold class actually freshly prepares your food and delivers it to either your seat in the lounge, bar or to your seat in the movie. Big picture just has one movie at a time and a small drink selection. Not much of a competition if you ask me. I love it and I highly recommend it. Yeah people will argue of the price but if you cant afford to try it once, then you probably shouldn’t be spending your money on going out to a movie and the first place. Its not that bad during the week anyways, its 22 day time price.

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