Millionaire Raffling Off His Life

Millionaire Raffling Off His Life

The local school’s raffle has some serious competition.  Newly divorced Millionaire banker Andrew Paul wants to raffle off his life.

Andrew Paul, 38, is looking to ‘make a fresh start’ after splitting from his wife of five years.  He’s come up with a pretty interesting way to do it.  He’s selling raffle tickets for £20 a piece.  The prize?  His life.

That includes a £1.1m five-bedroom house, £160,000 Aston Martin DBS and his £200,000 Sealine 35 Sport motor boat.  Paul says these items now hold ‘too many painful memories’ for him and is offering them as a prize at  The first prize also includes £85,000 in legal fees and insurance costs for the car & boat in the first year.  The winner can also choose to take £1m in cash as an alternative to the prizes.

If Paul achieves the maximum number of ticket sale, 200,000, he will gross a total of £4million, making a very healthy profit at a time when it might otherwise have been hard to sell his house.

Apart from the £20 price of the raffle ticket, the lucky winner will have to correctly guess the location of a golf ball within a picture.  The auction ends in August 2009, so hurry on over there and your ticket.  I certainly will.

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